Synthesis of an ESS-Survey at the European Level

The reliability and ESS group of the CEEES started its activity in 1995 with a survey covering the ESS practies in the Euopean electronic industry.

The aim of this exercise, which covered a period of almost 3 years, was to determine the level of application of screening procedures in the fabrication of electronic products and to obtain experience concerning the effects of the screening procedures used on the quality of these products.

A comprehensive questionnaire containing 67 multiple choice quenstions with op to 10 possible answers per question was distributed to firms in several European countries. The yield of replies varied considerably from country to country. Finally, a total of 136 usable responses could be evaluated according to the following distribution:

Country Usable responses
France 74
Germany 13
England, Sweden, Denmark 21
Switzerland 28
Total 136

With this publication, it is the intent of the reliabilitiy and ESS group of the CEEES to emphasize the importance of ESS as a method for improving the profitability in the production process while simultaneously raising quality. At the same time, the purpose is to motivate industry to increasingly apply ESS as a means of improving the competive position of European products on the world market.


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